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The mission of Poise and Potions is to better the practices of science and art by increasing collaboration and enlightening, inspiring, and bettering curious minds for the benefit of all.

“Poise and Potions is an interdisciplinary collaborative, home to artists of science and the aesthetic alike, containing practitioner and patient in one voice; seeking to lend our lived experience towards the enlightenment and inspiration of others. We strive to challenge perspectives, break down barriers, and increase collaboration for the betterment of all.”

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Welcome to Poise and Potions!
Thank you for taking the time to learn about our blog. Our blog has a single idea in mind, an idea to make art and medicine dance.

Picture this, if you will. You are picking up a prescription after a long day at work, and are starting a brand new medication. You want to know the side affects, and ask the pharmacist questions about the new medication. The pharmacist comes over and speaks to you very quickly using medical language you don’t understand. They yell over the noise of phones ringing in the background. Before you can even ask another question they turn away saying “thank you have a nice day”. You feel even more confused, and blown off.

After this, you meet your friends for a dance show. The show starts out well and you know just enough about dance to know it’s a good performance. However, the lighting makes your eyes strain, and the music is too loud. The dancer spends their time solely on the opposite side of the stage from where you are, with her back to you the majority of the performance. You don’t get to enjoy the show.

These are both examples of two worlds failing without each other. The pharmacist had such poor communication skills they could not tell that you were struggling to understand what they were saying. The dancer did not realize the affect the technical aspects of their performance was having on the audience. The scientific world failed without the human communication. The artistic world failed without the simple math of dividing up the choreography between two sides of the stage.

Imagine how much better it would be if the pharmacist had taken the time to answer all of your questions about the medications. If the dance performance was balanced between your side of the stage and the other, and the music had not been so loud.

These changes are small, but they make a large difference in your experience. The smartest doctors in the world may be incredibly brilliant, however if they cannot share their knowledge with their patients in ways the patient can understand, they will not be good doctors. A dancer may have an amazing piece of choreography, but if they do not take the time to consider the math of the stage they will alienate half their audience.

This is where our blog comes in. Our team includes pharmacists that have seen patients lost and confused, dancers who have seen talented performers lose their audience, and many others. We want to see these two worlds learn from each other, to make sure poor counseling and poor performances are the exception rather than the rule. To see pharmacists teaching bellydancers how to be healthy so that they can continue to put on the best performances. We want to see photographers hanging beautiful photographs in physicians offices making the space more comfortable. To see social workers teaching nurses communication skills. We want to see architects building private counseling rooms in pharmacies so that patients are more comfortable discussing sensitive health topics, and we want to see art and medicine dance.

That is the focus of this blog, and that is why we started Poise and Potions. We are here to better the practices of science and art by increasing collaboration and enlightening, inspiring, and bettering curious minds for the benefit of all. To us, this is best done through a blog and creating written resources. For after all, “it was written so it was real”. Or to put in another way, it’s on the internet so it must be true.

While we cannot guarantee everything on the internet is true, we do hope to create educational materials that will serve as resources for all members of the artistic and scientific communities. We will upload regular posts full of useful information and commentary. All the information posted will be backed by scientific research. We are not here to diagnose, give medical advice, or support any community at the expense of another. However we are here to provide education on complex topics in user friendly terms. We strive to serve as an interdisciplinary resource for those in the scientific, dance, healthcare, and artistic professions.

So please subscribe to our email list, and I hope you enjoy our blog!
Catlina is a pharmacy resident with a passion for mental health pharmacy and a set of feet that won’t stop dancing. She graduated with a Bachelors degree from Texas A&M University. There she began her career as a semi-professional belly dancer, making just enough money for some extra glitter. (Can you really ever have enough glitter?) While there she also volunteered on a crisis helpline, and wanted to learn more about mental health.

This lead her to pharmacy school, and a burning desire to know if dance could help those with mental illnesses.  She recently graduated from the University of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy with her Doctor of Pharmacy degree, and would not have been able to make it through without dancing. She hopes her experience and credentials will provide a unique experience, that proves pharmacists truly do make the best bellydancers, and vice versa. This blog is her way of exploring the connection between dance and medicine.
Rose has always loved art and science. As a child, she frequently wrote poems and flipped through horse care books, and her interests matured as she delved into studies of literature and chemistry in high school, and technical writing and, well, ALL types of science in college. For years, she worked at various small and large animal facilities, pursuing her interest in health. On the side, she would belly dance. Art and science were always a part of her world.

The two worlds finally meshed for her shortly after earning her Bachelor of Science when her mental and physical health struck their lowest point. This forced her to rehabilitate herself via biomedical and alternative treatments. She learned that life and health required a balance between the structured, tested methods of Western medicine and the mysterious artistry of nature and creativity. Now, her heart has guided her toward wanting to help other people find that balance.
Cooper is a stalwartly optimistic chemist that believes in offering over-the-counter compassion. He also believes in mindful medication management, high doses of humor, and empowering patients to steer their destiny. His hobbies include taking long walks around hospital courtyards, drinking cafeteria coffee (500 mL PO TID AC + HS), and filling the spacious pockets of his white coat with mostly useless things. In addition to these activities becoming of a fine gentleman, he also likes to read books in the breakroom and contemplate philosophy.
Sun is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapy Associate (LMFT-A) who lives in Texas with her 14-year-old dog. Prior to graduation, she spent her time working with university-level students struggling with various concerns that often directly impacted their academic standing. Whether she’s working with clients or students, Sun believes in collaborative work.

She firmly believes that every client is the expert on their own life, and utilizes that information to promote teamwork and positivity during session. When she isn’t working, Sun enjoys focusing her free time on different forms of self-care. This includes hanging out with friends, wood-burning, PC gaming, and getting lost in good music (to name a few).

Welcome To Poise and Potions!
Where Art and Medicine Dance
We hope to be your go-to blog for all things art, medicine, and everything in between

Welcome To Poise and Potions!
Where Art and Medicine Dance
We hope to be your go-to blog for all things art, medicine, and everything in between