ChiCho Shredded Beef

ChiCho Shredded Beef. Recipe by Rose Auflick of Mingled Vitality.

Guys…this beef…y’all NEED to make this! It is RIDICULOUS how EASY it is for such a unique flavor. “ChiCho” is short for “Chipotle-Chocolate” which is lowkey Mole in disguise. You make the broth and let a roast sit in the slow cooker with it all day, soaking in all the seasoning so it’s good and ready for dinner.

Photo and recipe by Rose Auflick of Mingled Vitality


🥩1 beef roast

💧5 cups hot water

🐂3 beef bouillon cubes

🌶1 small can chipotle peppers

🍫Unsweetened cocoa powder

🔥Mesquite seasoning


1)Mix last five ingredients together in the slow cooker until dry seasonings are dissolved.

2)Add the roast, and set slow cooker to cook on low for 8 hours (or high for 6 hours). Flip halfway through cooking.

3)Shred beef using two forks.

This recipe brought to you with love from:

Rose Auflick of Mingled Vitality

Original post on Instagram


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US-Style Street Tacos

Photo by hayme100 on Pixabay. Chicken street tacos.

We LOVE tacos and would NEVER tell anyone to give them up! Here’s how to make US-style street tacos:


🌮Corn tortillas
🐓Shredded cooked chicken
🥗Romaine lettuce (chopped)
🧀Shredded cheddar
🥣Greek yogurt (plain)
🌶Red salsa


1)Shred cooked chicken breast (can be prepared any way you like).

2)Chop up Romaine lettuce and cilantro.

3)Assemble your taco with all the ingredients you love!

This recipe brought to you with love from:

Rose Auflick of Mingled Vitality

Original post on Instagram


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2-Ingredient Breakfast

Photo by Enotovyj on Pixabay. Cottage cheese.

The best breakfasts are often the simplest; after all, so many folks skip it even though it’s the most important meal of the day! So here’s a 2-ingredient breakfast that is so quick and easy you won’t have an excuse to miss out! As an added bonus, this recipe gives you a good balance of your macros (carbs, fat, protein) to boost your energy levels and keep you feeling full ’til lunch.

Photo and recipe by Mingled Vitality. 2-Ingredient Breakfast.

Photo and recipe by Mingled Vitality. 2-Ingredient Breakfast.


🥣Cottage cheese
🍓Strawberries (or any fruit!)


1)Hastily dump cottage cheese into a bowl.

2)Throw some fruit at it (feel free to get creative and use any fruit you want!).

3)EAT! So easy!

This recipe brought to you with love from:

Mingled Vitality

Original post on Instagram.


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Supreme Pizza Pasta

🍕Supreme Pizza Pasta🍕

For a healthier take on a hearty classic, try this pasta dish that’s loaded with veggies! Obviously for our gluten intolerant readers, substitute the traditional pasta with your favorite gluten free substitute!

♦️8 oz radiatore pasta (uncooked)

🔸2 tbsp olive oil

♦️4 oz sliced baby bella mushrooms

🔸1/2 green bell pepper (diced)

♦️1/4 red onion (diced)

🔸2.25 oz sliced black olives

♦️2.5 oz mini pepperoni

🔸3 oz cooked Italian sausage pieces (not pictured)

♦️14 oz diced tomatoes (no salt)

🔸1/3 cup Parmesan ♦️black pepper

🔸shredded mozzarella (not pictured)

▪️Cook the pasta according to package directions.

▪️Sauté mushrooms, pepper, and onion in olive oil until softened.

▪️Add olives, meats, and tomatoes until heated through.

▪️Add mixture to pasta, and stir in Parmesan and black pepper.

▪️Serve topped with mozzarella.


Mingled Vitality, March 28, 2018

Can Meatloaf Really be Tasty?

Monsieur Meatloaf

Salisbury Meatloaf

I know, I know, meatloaf doesn’t sound like the tastiest of meals. There have been jokes about grandma and her meatloaf almost as long as there has been a grandma making meatloaf. My own grandmother, as much as I love her, lost her sense of taste years ago. She can appreciate good food, and can be a good cook. However if she forgets an ingredient, and accidentally put in salt instead of sugar she won’t taste the difference.

That is why I want to provide you with a simple, easy to make meatloaf that actually tastes good. This is pretty nutrient dense, and because it packs such a punch it can feed a huge group!

Meat Mix

🥩Ground beef (2 lbs)

⚪️Mushrooms (4 oz)

🥗Spinach (2 cups, raw)

🥣Quick oats (1 cup)

🥛Milk (1 cup)

🥚Eggs (2)


🖤Black pepper

💛Garlic salt


Gravy Mix

🥣Brown gravy mix (2 packets/cups)

🥛Milk (2 cups)


▪️Mix all meat mixture ingredients together by hand in a large bowl (could easily add onion soup mix in here; I want to try that myself!).

▪️Bake for 1 hour at 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

▪️Make gravy according to packet instructions.

▪️Serve meatloaf topped with gravy. Yum!

The great thing about this recipe is that it can also be easily made to be gluten free. Just ensure that the oats you use are gluten free and the brown gravy mix is as well. Let us know if you try the recipe in the comments below! Then don’t forget to check out our other recipes as well.

Meatloaf really can be tasty!

5-Ingredient Breakfast

Five Ingredient Breakfast

We get it, you’re busy, and don’t always have time to cook breakfast. I know I have rushed out the door more times than I can count, sometimes forgetting breakfast entirely. But with this easy recipe you can rush off to work, morning dance recitals, or seeing patients and still get a quick and nutritious meal. All with just five ingredients! Take a look below:

5-Ingredient Breakfast


🥜Peanut butter (Crunchy or creamy, your choice)



🥛Glass of milk


All you need is some quick assembly. Toast your bread, and while you do that you can start cutting up your banana. Then take your toasted bread and cover it with a generous layer of peanut butter and honey. Put your sliced banana on top of this and grab glass of milk and you are good to go!

Five Ingredient Breakfast

Let us know your thoughts on this recipe below! 


Mingled Vitality, February 1, 2018

Aren’t we all a bit nutty for fruit?

Fruit and Nut Salad

Fruit and Nut Salad:

Ah Friday, the week is over and you are finally able to be home and start relaxing. There really is nothing quite like coming home and letting the pressures of the week slide away. 

This week we wanted to give you a recipe that was quick, healthy, and tasty so that you can enjoy the start of your weekend. Our fruit and nut salad will be a pleasure to eat.

This recipe is also perfect for meal prepping and taking to lunch during the middle of a busy week! I am currently writing this post with one cat asleep on my lap and one asleep right next to me. As adorable as these fur babies are they do not make it easy to get up and prep a large meal. I can never turn down kitty snuggles! So having a pre-prepped healthy meal like this fruit and nut salad helps me get the most amount of snuggle time with my fur babies while also taking care of myself and eating healthy. 


I hope you enjoy!


Fruit and Nut Salad:

🥗Mixed greens



🍊Mandarin orange


🌰🥜Nuts/seeds (walnuts and pumpkin seeds pictured)

🥣Dressing of your choice

Mix to taste and enjoy! *Hint, if you are meal prepping this salad I recommend leaving the dressing off to the side. If you put it into a small container and leave it to put on just before you eat it will make your salad last longer.*

Let us know how your salad turns out in the comments!

Fruit and Nut Salad

Can You Really Eat Healthy?

Veggie Fried Rice

Have you ever wondered why people set alarms to remind themselves to take a pill but they never set alarms to remind themselves to eat?

The answer is simple. Our bodies tell us when it is time to eat. We don’t need external alarms because we have internal alarms going off already. When we don’t eat we don’t feel like ourselves. Our blood sugar drops and we get hangry. We have been eating since the day we were born. This can be a good thing and a bad thing. As much as we love food, America has a public health crisis with staggeringly large numbers of obese and overweight individuals. The World Health Organization has called this an obesity epidemic.

Having a little extra weight is not always a bad thing. I am by no means wanting to body shame or critique any body figure. I am strictly looking at this from a health perspective. Some of the best dancers I have known have had more robust figures, yet I have seen many patients have early deaths from perfectly preventable causes. There are 160 million americans who are overweight or obese. And my goal is to do what I can to help them lead healthier lives. I am not concerned about fitting into a particular size of jeans or how you look. I am concerned about how diet and activity levels are directly correlated to your overall health.

According to the CDC, 31% of Americans are living with diabetes or pre-diabetes. While diabetes may seem like a relatively harmless disease, there is a study based in the UK that claims type 2 diabetics have a decreased life expectancy of 10 years. Another example is heart disease.

Heart disease is the number one most common cause of death in America, and is directly related to our diet and activity level. Put Heart Disease and Diabetes together and they are responsible for 26.3% of all deaths in the United States, and this doesn’t even include decreased quality of life. This means that one out of every four deaths in america could potentially be preventable with diet and exercise. Now this is a large generalization and I am fully aware that not every diabetic is a diabetic because they have eaten poorly. However I would challenge you to find any other intervention that can have a larger impact on health than diet and exercise.

Eating right and exercising are the two single best things we can do for our health.

Now you may be thinking that we have medication to treat diabetes and heart disease, if there are that many deaths than are the medications not working? That is a great question, and let me answer it this way.

Most people will consume about 2,000 calories a day in food and drink. An average tablet will contain only 0.5 calories. We are able to do quite a lot with that 0.5 calories, and or medication are very good at reducing blood sugar and blood pressure, but they cannot be used alone. A blood pressure pill is considered effective if it is able to reduce your systolic blood pressure by two points. Decreasing the salt in your diet reduces systolic blood pressure by an average of 10 points.

So when it comes to what we put in our bodies it is easy to see how food can have such a large effect on our wellbeing. In America we are fortunate to be a developed country with easy access to food. Most of this food, however, is not healthy. While we do have medications and medical procedures that can and do help with these conditions, it is hard to see how taking an expensive medication every day, and having an even more expensive surgery every couple of years is better than evaluating the food we eat.

This is why we wanted to include recipes into our blog. We want to provide healthy, truly healthy alternatives to fast food. Eating healthy starts at home. So please enjoy these recipes from our home, to yours.

Veggie Fried Rice

Veggie Fried Rice

My favorite Veggie Fried Rice recipe! 🍚

1 cup uncooked brown rice, prepared, OR 2 bags ready-rice, microwaved

1 bag (12 oz) frozen peas and carrots, microwaved

3 eggs, scrambled

1 can (15 oz) corn, no salt added

1 can (15 oz) black beans, no salt added

Reduced sodium soy sauce


And well, the rest is self-explanatory!

~Mingled Vitality, January 22, 2018